Ukraine Customs Update: What You Need to Know About New Regulations

parcel clearance

New Ukrainian Customs Regulations

Effective April 1, 2024:

1) Recipients have 15 days to pay customs fees.
If the parcel is subject to customs fees, the recipient will be notified and will have 15 days to pay the fees.

2) A 5-day grace period will be applied for late payments. If the recipient does not pay the customs fees within 15 days, they will be contacted and given a 5-day grace period to make the payment.

3) Unpaid parcels will be returned or destroyed. If the customs fees are not paid within the 5-day grace period, the parcel will be returned to the sender or destroyed in Estonia.

This new regulation is based on the following legislation:

Law No. 6 of January 4, 2023 “On Amendments to the Procedure for Registration and Clearance of International Postal and Express Items and Filling out a Customs Declaration in the Form of a Single Administrative Document”.

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