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Air Freight
Air freight is the fastest and most reliable way to transport large commercial goods from China to anywhere in the world. Whether you need to ship electronics, textiles, or machinery, we can help you find the best air freight solution for your needs.
Sea Freight
Sea freight is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to transport large commercial goods from China to anywhere in the world. We ensure your shipment is handled with care and efficiency, with competitive rates and transit times.
Road Freight
Road freight is the most flexible way to transport large commercial goods within China or to neighboring countries. We can help you find the best road freight solution for your needs.
Customs Clearance
We deliver cargo from China to Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Mexico, and Kazakhstan with the obligation of customs clearance. We ensure your shipment complies with all the relevant rules and documentation, with minimal delays and costs.
Pick-up service
We provide free pick-up service for your goods from 5-30 kg all around China and transport them to our warehouse or directly to the destination country.
Drop Shipping
We can ship your goods to your customers without revealing the source of the products. This way, you can save on inventory and storage costs and focus on marketing and sales.
DDU/DDP service
We can handle the customs clearance and import duties for your shipments, either by delivering them duty unpaid (DDU) or duty paid (DDP). You can choose the option that suits your budget and convenience.
Customs Clearance
We can assist you with the paperwork and procedures required to clear your goods through customs in the destination country. We have the expertise and experience to deal with different regulations and requirements.
Efficient Warehousing Solutions Worldwide
Meest China developed its own WMS (warehouse management system) and runs own warehouses in China and overseas.
Chinese Warehouse

Meest China has its modern warehouse in Guangzhou (Panyu), 10000 m² highly qualified warehouse staff will provide the best services of addressed shelf and pallet storage, consolidation, deconsolidation, packaging, verification, photo report, weighing, x-ray scanner, and other services.

Accounting for goods by barcodes minimizes the risks of losses, and a technological WMS (warehouse management system) is flexible for integration for quick data exchange.

  • Warehouse area 10000 m²
  • Video surveillance throughout the warehouse
  • Shelf and pallet storage
  • WMS and accounting system through barcodes
  • 10+ warehouse services
Overseas Warehouse

Our overseas warehouses provide the service of storing goods in a remote warehouse and using a warehouse staff on request.

Meest China processes orders. Our company processes from the moment the order is made and until it is received by the buyer. Providing inspection, storage, picking, packaging, shipping, and returns services.

Our warehouses are kept in perfect order under round-the-clock security. Addressed shelf and pallet storage in A+ and B+ class warehouses with an area of more than 10000 m².

  • All goods in stock are insured
  • Video surveillance throughout the warehouse
  • WMS and accounting system through barcodes
  • Collecting orders on the same day
  • Free storage for 30 days
Optimized Logistics Excellence
Say goodbye to logistics worries and focus on growing your business with our convenient and reliable e-commerce shipping services
We guarantee that your international shipping will be delivered safely and under our strict control.
We ensure that parcels are properly packed and protected from damage. We make compact as well as reinforced packaging.
The safety of purchases is guaranteed. We insure and control the transported goods at all stages of delivery.
Our warehouses are secured with cameras, alarms, and controlled access.
For 15 years we have worked to develop business and integrate e-commerce from China to worldwide and gained a strong expertise.
We have our capacity and professional team in the warehouse ensuring efficient order processing and timely deliveries.
We control all operational processes and services of fulfillment in China and have strong cooperation with leading players in the field.
We are certified and directly cooperate with the biggest E-commerce platforms simplifying logistics management for your clients.
We developed warehousing and fulfillment solutions to optimize delivery times and minimize shipping costs.
We have strong customer support teams in China and Ukraine to provide accessible and responsive support to answer questions and resolve issues quickly.
We are an innovative company with an investment in the latest logistics technologies and a focus on continuous improvement.
Variety of shipping options and international shipping expertise. We offer a range of services and help businesses ship globally easily with customs clearance assistance and multi-language support.
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