Return Conditions

1. The parcels or commercial cargo that has been repacked will not be able to return.

2. The parcels and commercial cargo that have been stored but not yet operated can be returned according to the customer’s requirements.

3. The parcels or commercial cargo can not be returned between the destinations or in any transit process.

4. The client will fully cover all the return costs and other related costs that if have.

Return Process

The customer informs us in our service enterprise WeChat group for return requests, providing the international tracking number and domestic courier number of the parcels or commercial cargo, as well as the packaging image, shipping mark, return address, and other information of the goods to customer support. customer support will request the warehouse to find the corresponding parcels according to the customer’s requirements.

After the warehouse finds the returned parcels, it will notify customer support to notify the customer.

Customers can arrange for a local courier to pick up the parcels or order a truck by themselves. They need to inform the customer support of the contact of the driver and car plate information in advance, and the customer support will inform the warehouse to assist in returning the parcels.

When the client needs us to arrange the delivery for return, the customer needs to pay the local shipping fee to our company first,

After receiving the return shipping fee, our company will arrange the parcel’s return within 24 hours and provide the return tracking number to customer support, who will immediately notify the customer.

The client receives parcels and informs us in the same group.

———-> parcels returned process completely.