What kind of international delivery from China to Ukraine do you provide?

Meest China can provide 2 kinds of international delivery:
— AIR delivery
— SEA delivery

What kind of business do you provide services for?

Meest China can provide services for B2C (E-commerce Cross-border) and B2B businesses.

How often do you send consolidations from China to Ukraine?

Meest China send regular consolidations 5 workings days per week (AIR delivery) and regular consolidations once per week (SEA delivery)

What is the tax free limit in Ukraine?

Up to 150 EUR per person per shipment

What will be, if the tax free limit is over?

The recipient has to pay tax duties according to the law. Duties regulations of personal import only:

Parcel FOB value in $

Up to 150 EUR

Above 150 EUR

Duties Regulation

No duties

20% VAT & 12% Customs Taxes from CIF value

What is forbidden to delivery to Ukraine?

Please check the list of forbidden goods

Where is the place of Customs Clearance providing?

Meest China provides Customs Clearance services in IMPC (Lviv) for postal delivery and CSS (Kyiv) for express delivery.

What is the service time in IMPC and CSS?

Shipments will be processed according to agreed time interval.
Customs Clearance procedure for parcels up to 150 EUR 1 business day. Parcels above 150 EUR have individual procedure for each recipient.

What kind of parcels are possible for delivery?

All parcels for physical persons as a B2C e-commerce are possible for delivery (excepting of forbidden goods). All parcels up to 150 EUR and they can be classified as for private usage can be delivered. All parcels that are identified for the recipient with personal data (Name, Address, Contact details, description of the goods, confirmation of the goods cost) can be delivered.

What kind of last mile services delivery do you provide in Ukraine?

Meest China provides to Door delivery, to Depot delivery, to Parcel shops delivery, to lockers delivery.

When the parcels cannot be delivered?

List of exceptions, applies for barcoded items:
● if the barcode is unscannable or absent;
● if the external package is damaged;
● if the address label is unreadable;
● if there are weight differences (item level weight check is made if receptacle has a weight difference);
● if parcels contain forbidden or dangerous goods;
● if labels are marked incorrectly
● in case of mixed bags (not agreed with Meest)
All exceptions will be communicated within 24 hours by shipments after occurrence. Pictures to proof the situation will be provided. Solution shall be found on consultation by both parties.

Where I can track my parcel and see the status of delivery?

Information on the status of mail items is entered into Information System. To ensure on-line access to the information on mail items status, shall be used the following link:
Meest China also integrated with 17Track information System.

What happened, if the parcel is not delivered?

All returns will be sent and processed in Lviv HUB of MEEST in Ukraine.
By the default process, the Customer will be informed within 30 days and provided for TRACKED items with returns list.
Deadline for the Customer to make decision about the returns is 4 weeks from when MEEST informed the Customer, after this the goods will be automatically destroyed.
If the Customer does not agree with the default process of the returns, it should contact MEEST account manager for further information about other returns handling solutions.

Is it possible to make the retrun of parcels?

Undelivered parcels can be returned under the request of the Sender. Meest China reports and send the list of parcels for the Sender. The Sender is obliged to confirm which service it prefer: return or destroy of undelivered parcels. Parcels may be to the return address in the following events:
● upon expiration of retention period;
● upon Sender’s written request;
● due to the Addressee’s non-availability;
● upon Addressee’s written refusal;
● due to Addressee’s death;
● due to incorrect address.

What is SLA and delivery time after Customs Clrearance in IMPC and CSS?

Starndard delivery time after Customs Clearance is 3—5 days (depends on region in the country and customs clearance procedure). Meest provides the standard of SLA of 92% in 5 working days to stop-clock delivedy. Stop-clock determines as status Delivery to Recipient, Delivery to pick-up point (Depot, lockers, parcel shops).

Where do you pick-up all parcels to deliver to Ukraine?

Meest China has its own Sorting Center and warehouse in China.
Also Meest China can pick-up in KBP (Kyiv airport) with the next procedure of last mile services.

Where I can ask questions and have support for any information?

Meest China has the Customer Service department in China. You can contract free to your manager or Customer Service and receive any detailed information. Contacts.

What is the price for delivery from China to Ukraine?

Please find Tariffs and Services from China to Ukraine. Services and Tariffs