How to make the order for delivery for shops
How to make the order for delivery for shops

In the private cabinet you need to make the registration. During registration you need to indicate:

  • Name of the company
  • Phone number
  • ID card number
  • Your company e-mail
  • Password

If you need any help for registration, you can contact our customer service department.


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Upload register of parcel via Excel

If you have the ready register of parcels, you can upload in your Private cabinet and create parcels for delivery.


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Parcel create

You can create parcel for any European country using new parcel create method. Please make sure that some countries are obliged to indicate dangerous, sensitive or simple goods for delivery. It will be separated for the delivery method.


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Data for parcel delivery

Please make sure that all data of Recipient must be correct filled. Also you need filled the correct data of weight, value cost and HS code of the goods. It directly influences for the correct Customs Clearance if the country of destination.


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Check the parcel delivery

To check your parcel and to receive the tracking number, you can click on TRACK NUMBER and check the statuses of delivery.


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Send the parcel for international delivery

Please take the tracking number and click “Send to the warehouse”.


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Tracking number

Please very attentively indicate the tracking number for delivery.


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Delivery report and financial balance

After the parcel delivery the system automatically will notify in your Private Cabinet the financial balance. You can click on the balance.


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After click on your balance you can do the automatically payment using AliPay method. You can scan the QR code and make the payment.


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